Top Ten Most Prominent Tatars in the World

1. Rudolf Nureyev ( Considered by many to be the greatest ballet dancer in history. The most recent book about him, "Perpetual Motion", was written by Otis Stuart in 1995 and published by Simon and Shuster.)

2. Roald Sagdeev ( As Director of Moscow's Space Research Institute he was in charge of the USSR's space research program for more than 10 years. Before the USSR's collapse he worked as President Gorbachev's science advisor. R. Sagdeev is married to late Presedent Eisenhower's granddaughter, Susan Eisenhower. Together with Susan he wrote a book "The Making of a Soviet Scientist", published in 1995 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux).

3. Albert Galeev (Current Director of Russia's Space Research Institute. Incidentally, he is not responsible for the mishaps at the Mir station, which is controlled by Goskosmos, a bureaucratic agency independent of Space Research Institute.)

4. Rinat Akchurin (One of the world's leading cardiologists. He performed the bypass operation on President Yeltsin. In 1997 Akchurin participated in the Second World Tatar Congress in Kazan as an honorary delegate).

5. Mintimer Shaimiev (President of Tatarstan. He is revered as the author of a new concept of federalism, the so-called 'Tatarstan Model', that envisages fullest possible degree of autonomy short of an outright independence).

6. Farid Gazizullin (Deputy Prime Minister of Russia in charge of privatization. He is the highest-ranking Tatar official in Moscow.)

7. Sofia Gubaidullina (Considered to the most prominent female composer in the world).

8. Gata Kamsky (Gata is the highest-rated chess player in the USA, which makes him the strongest chess player in the whole Western hemisphere).

9. Alisa Galliamova (Russia's current chess champion among women. After the recentley held Candidates' Tournament in Groningen, Alisa is just two steps away from becoming the world champion).

10. Vil Mirzayanov (A scientist who exposed Russia's blatant violations of the Chemical Weapons Reduction Treaty. He was arrested in 1992 by the successor to the KGB for describing the development of 'Novichok', a deadly binary nervous gas that is 8 to 10 times more powerful than anything in America's arsenal. He subsequently emigrated to the US.)

The list of the top ten most prominent Tatars in the world could be extended to include such personalities as:

11. Fikret Tabeev (USSR's former ambassador to Afghanistan and the former Chairman of the State Property Committee in Moscow.)

12. Makhmud Gareev (general, former member of Russia's Joint Chiefs of Staff. He is currently the President of Russia's Military Academy).

13. Vadim Abdrashitov (one of Russia's most prominent film directors).

14. Rodion Gataullin (Olympic champion, pole vaulter).

15. Anis Mukhametshin (millionaire businessman. His company, "Anis", was the official sponsor of the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer.)

16. Roza Galieva (Olympic champion, gymnast, member of the Russian Olympic team).

17. Rustam Sharipov (Olympic champion, gymnast, member of the Ukrainian Olympic team).

18. Zinatulla Bilaletdinov (ice hockey player. He is currently the chief trainer of the Moscow's Dinamo team).

19. Nikolai Khabibullin (ice hockey player, goaltender of the Phoenix Coyotes).

20. Irek Mukhammedov (world-renowned ballet dancer, leading member of the Royal Ballet in London).

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